Write One Page Per Day – 251/365 – September 8, 2018

The Docks

The bullets flew past the car as Gwen sped away from the warehouse with Henry untying himself in the backseat.

“What the hell is their problem?” Henry said ducking beneath the seat as a bullet tore through the Jeep. “All I did was kill their leader. He was an asshole. You’d think they would be happy about it…”

“Shut up,” Gwen said as she pulled the wheel, throwing Henry into the door headfirst.

“What the hell was that for?” Henry complained as he righted himself. His skirt had slid up on him exposing his nether-region, “We’re fine.”

“Are you kidding me? We’re not ‘fine,'” Gwen said as the end of the dock came into view. “We’re out of road…”

Henry looked out the back window, “There’s only nine of them, you should let me talk to them. I’m sure I can reason with-”

Gwen cut the wheel once more as she hit the brake making the Jeep skid sideways to a halt.

“I’m getting tired of this shit,” she said as Henry, seeing his opportunity, opened the door and ran, taking two of Gwen’s pistols with him.

The stiletto heels made it difficult to get any real speed, but he only needed to get close enough to make the shot. He leveled the first weapon as he came to a stop. The guy closest went wide-eyed for an instant before Henry fired.

The second shot missed his next target, as he leveled the second pistol beside it. The eight men pursuing him all changed direction, diving behind random objects hoping for cover.

Henry strutted down the street, firing two more shots through a box as the guy behind it screamed out in pain.

“What the fuck is your problem?!” Henry bellowed as he paused, “I did you all a favor, now you’re all getting promoted-well, those of you that survive…”

Henry fired six more shots, two at each new target, the first either hit or made the guy hiding move enough for a clear line of sight.

The sudden sound of automatic firing erupted from behind Henry as Gwen, kneeling on one knee, unloaded her assault rifle down the street. As men came out of their spots trying to avoid her, Henry killed any that she missed until only one was left.

“If you put down your weapon and come out with your hands up, I won’t kill you,” Henry called down the road as his heels clicked loudly on the pavement. “That’s excellent news because now you’re a gang-leader! You’re welcome!”

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