Write One Page Per Day – 261/365 – September 18, 2018

Murdering Theatrics

I could feel the bass from the music vibrating through my whole body as I approached the venue. The marquee lights cutting through the fog that had rolled off the water gave me a clearer view of the two security guards at the door.

“This is a private show,” one said as I got to them. “Invited guests only.”

“I’ve been dying to see DJ Galaxy for months,” I pleaded. “You’ve got to let me in. I’ll do anything to see him tonight…”

The guard looked to his co-worker with raised eyebrows. The other security guard nodded before I got a response.

“Alright, but we need to go around the back, and you’ll need to do something for me first.”

“Anything…” I repeated, letting my hair fall over my breasts.

“Come on,” the guard said as he led me around the corner to the back of the building.

I followed past the dumpsters and unlit posters of famous performers over the years. The sound of his boots grinding sand into the concrete was static compared to the sharp click with every step I took. My heart pounded in my chest with each step closer to the back door.

“Alright,” he said as soon as we were both around the back corner next to the door, “now is when you do something for me and then I’ll let you in.”

I nodded as he began undoing his belt. I caught a glimpse of the gun holstered under his left arm when his jacket flared a bit. I turned around to check if anyone was coming as I heard his zipper.

“Don’t worry, beautiful, my friend will make sure that no one disturbs us,” he said.

“Good,” I whispered.

His pants were around his ankles when my kick came up and caught him in the jaw. The point of my heel diving through his head. He fell to the ground with a slight thump. His wide eyes were locked blankly on the sky.

I opened my clutch, pulled out my cell phone, and sent the message waiting in my drafts.

“You look good, Henry,” Gwen said coming from the other direction.

“Thanks, I was worried that the hair was too much,” I said as I rummaged through his pockets to get the keys, “and these breasts are rough to handle though. Thought I might fall over when I kicked him wearing these shoes. I’m glad I had time to practice in them first.”

“The breasts or the shoes?” Gwen teased as she took to the keys from me.

“Yes,” I replied as she opened the door. “So what are we doing for dinner?”

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