Write One Page Per Day – 262/365 – September 19, 2018

House Guests & Hunting Games

“Henry?” Gwen called up the stairs, “Can you check on Robert? He’s been quiet for a while now.”

“On it!” I yelled as I pulled on a robe and sprinted to the stairs. I jumped through the air from the top of the stairs, letting the wind catch in the fabric and billow it open. I landed with the grace of a cat at the bottom landing.

“Why do you do that when you come down the stairs? You’re going to break something one of these days,” Gwen said, looking up from her work, “Also, you should probably put on underwear if you’re going to continue doing it…”

“First, underwear are gross,” I began with a grin as I held up my middle finger, “and second, I’m Batman. I have to do that when I get to stairs, it’s in the handbook.”

“You’re so weird sometimes,” Gwen said, “Go check on the house guest and I’ll come down in a bit.”

I skipped down the hall to the basement door, opened it, and launched myself down that flight. This time I didn’t land with all the grace of a feline friend. This time I landed awkwardly and slammed into the wall at the bottom.

Gwen’s giggle echoed through the house as I opened the door to the guest room and my heart stopped. The chair was there, the toys were there, the light was still on, but Robert was missing.

“Hey, Gwen?” I called up the stairs, “Robert was still here right? We didn’t do anything with him?”

“What are you talking about?” Gwen asked as she arrived at the top of the stairs.

“He’s not there…”

“You were supposed to be watching him. What do you mean he’s not there?” Gwen asked as she came down the stairs and stuck her head in the room.

“Does this mean we’re playing hide and seek again?” I asked.

Gwen pulled her pistol from its holster, “It sure does…”

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