Write One Page Per Day – 266/365 – September 23, 2018

Planning & Preparation

I sat in the living room wearing my favorite dress as Gwen and Grace got ready upstairs. We had gotten our hands on the tickets to our target’s party at the last minute. At best, we would be fashionably late now. I heard the bedroom door close upstairs as their footfalls echoed to the top of the stairs.

“You look really nice,” Grace said to Gwen as they reached the bottom of the stairs and froze when she saw me. “What the hell?”

“What?” I asked, “Is my mascara running or something?”

“Don’t worry about it, Henry, she’s just not used to seeing you go out,” Gwen said before turning to Grace. “He does that sometimes. He likes my dresses in particular-”

“They’re liberating,” I added.

“-since he felt the need to wear one after he was kidnapped. It’s not a big deal, really,” she finished as I saw Grace’s pantsuit.

“Why aren’t you wearing a dress?” I asked as I rose from the couch and approached them.

“Give me one good reason why I should wear a dress?” Grace shot back.

“I can give you several, actually. Dresses allow for better range of movement, they are lighter so you won’t sweat as much in them, and also, if there is a best-dressed contest, you could win-”

“Nevermind,” Grace said holding up a hand, “I regret asking. This is what I’m wearing to the party. It’s more comfortable for me.”

“That’s all you had to say,” I replied with a wink. “I can understand comfort.”

“Is everyone ready?” Gwen asked.

“Does a dog’s ass smell  like shit?” I rebutted as I swung the door open and strutted out.

As I reached the car, I could hear Grace whisper to Gwen, “He’s wearing heels too? He didn’t even shave…”

I shot her a smile as I climbed in the back seat and waited. Tonight was already a fun night, and it was only going to get better.

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