Write One Page Per Day – 270/365 – September 27, 2018

A Woman’s Work

The sun was just beginning to set as Gwen raced around bends in the road approaching the compound just outside of Portland. Each turn I could see Gwen’s irritation grow.

“I can’t believe she got herself captured,” Gwen said, pulling the wheel as the rental skidded around yet another corner. “She might as well be you!”

“I think Grace is doing what she thinks is right. She just needs a little help now and then,” I replied flipping through the magazine I had stolen from the airport. “Give her a break.”

“I’m starting to think that you love her,” Gwen said, shooting a threatening look at me as the gate came into view.

“You know me too well. Of course, I love her. I fell in love with her the same way that I fell in love with you, in the middle of a torture session. You two are more alike than you realize.” I said as Gwen plowed through and careened up the private road.

“She is nothing like me, for starters, I’d never be captured,” Gwen said skidding to a stop in front of the house. “Wait here.”

“I’m putting on the radio then,” I replied as her door slammed behind her.

I flipped through a few stations until I discovered a station playing Enya. I turned the volume up and reclined my seat to a more comfortable position as the sound of men screaming cut through the air.

I looked up to see Gwen fighting six men. Her finesse and skill once again taking my breath away. It wasn’t every day that I got to see the quiet fury that boiled inside her come out full force on her opponents. She had taken down three of them before two of them grabbed her.

I cracked the car window, “looks like you’re in trouble there. Can I help?” I called from the car as the third of the remaining men approached her with a wicked grin.

“Fuck you, Henry,” she replied as she broke the leg of the man to her right. She slammed her forehead into the one on her left and quickly grabbed the third man’s wrist, wrenching it back toward him as she tased him with his own weapon.

“Never mind then,” I said.

“I’ll be right back,” she said as she stomped through the front door.

I shook my head and leaned back listening to the sounds of gunshots ring out from the house as Enya continued to serenade me. It had been a bit of a stressful morning, but the music was certainly helping.

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