Write One Page Per Day – 277/365 – October 4, 2018

Grace & the Guest Room

I watched as Grace honed her knife on the steel while Robert squirmed in his seat screaming through his gag. Robert, Gwen, and I were all tied up in the guest room for the second time in less than a month.

“I’m going to cut you into little pieces, Robert, one limb at a time,” Grace said as she set the steel down on the table. “Then I’m going to do Henry, and finish with Gwen.”

“It’s official,” I said, “this is the most turned on I’ve ever been in my life right now.”

“You’re a dumbass, Henry,” Gwen muttered.

“I’m glad you’re enjoying yourself, Henry,” Grace said, “I was worried that you wouldn’t be through the process.”

“No, you’re on point today,” I said shaking my head, “The spikes were the perfect starter for this, and to top it off you’re letting me watch you on Robert first? I think I might be falling in love with you as we speak.”

“If you do this, you’ll be dead to me,” Gwen said, cutting into the conversation.

“It won’t much matter,” Grace said running a finger gently down Gwen’s face, “You’ll all be dead in a few hours.”

“I was wrong,” I said, “now I’m the most aroused I’ve ever been. Jesus Christ, Grace, how do you do this to me? Can we get married when you’re done with me? I’m not sure I’ll ever find someone like you again.”

Grace slammed the knife through Robert’s leg. I heard the blade hit the wood on the other side before she sauntered to me and sat in my lap. “We’ll see if you survive.”

“Could you cut me? Just a little? Like, right now?” I asked, salivating, “I think it’s all I need to finish.”

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