Write One Page Per Day – 281/365 – October 8, 2018

Relocation & Resolution

“We’re moving,” Gwen said as she kicked open my bedroom door. “Get your shit together.”

“Wait!” I yelled as she continued down the hall. I jumped out of my bed and ran down the hall after her. “What do you mean we’re moving?”

“I mean Robert is dead, Grace is currently trying to take down the government, and too many people know where we live. We are moving. I haven’t figured out where yet, but we need to go. Now grab what’s essential to you and get in the car, everything else stays.”

“But Gwen, what if Grace comes back? What about the guest room? We put so much work into it. It’s the only thing that’s made the last three years bearable. How are we going to have fun without the guest room?” I protested.

“Henry, do you understand how sloppy you’ve been the last three years? First, you let Robert escape, then he came back to kill us, then Grace showed up and killed him and nearly killed you,” Grace said as she began throwing clothes in her duffel bag. “Then to top it off, you let her escape not once but four separate times. Now Parker knows where we are thanks to her. We have to leave, that’s all there is to it. Go get packed before I drug you and you don’t get to take anything with you.”

“Fine…” I said, lowering my gaze to the floor as I plodded back to my room.

I stood at the door for a moment, thinking about the clothes I had collected, the fun I’d had, and the people I’d met since we moved here. I didn’t want to leave, but I knew Gwen was right. If Parker knew where we were, he was sure to send people and keep sending people, until we were both dead.

“I hate being responsible!” I screamed as I slammed my door and began packing my things.

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