Write One Page Per Day – 287/365 – October 14, 2018

Brother’s Keeper

My heart raced as I tip-toed down the hall. I could hear them around the corner talking about the news or something. Jeff bumped into me, rocking me forward enough that I had to take a step quickly to avoid falling over.

I turned to him with wide eyes and mouthed the words ‘They’re out there!’ to him. He nodded in reply as I turned back to the corner ahead. I crept forward listening carefully to their voices. I waited until they were talking before I peeked around the corner.

They were both sitting on the sofa facing away from me. I took the opportunity to dart across to the other side. Jeff looked lost when I waved him over.

“Get over here, now!” I mouthed as I pointed to the floor in front of me.

I watched as Jeff, the ever-clumsy boy he had always been, took one step and tripped over his own foot. I was already moving for the front door as he tumbled to the floor. I whipped open the front door and stepped out into the cool night air as Jeff flew past me, slamming the front door as he went.

“You’re an idiot,” I said as I sat down, “It’s over now.”

“Maybe if we keep quiet, they won’t notice?” Jeff replied.

“Dude, Mom and Dad definitely noticed you slamming the front-” I stopped as the door opened.

“Hi, Dad,” Jeff said as Dad’s red face looked angrily at us.

“Get. Your. Asses. Up. To. Your. Room.” He growled.

I nodded as I stood and walked past him, back down the hall, up the stairs, and back into the bedroom where I had started my escape. Fantasies of spending the night at the party with my friends faded from my mind. He was going to spend the rest of the night watching carefully for us now.

“We almost made it that time,” Jeff said as he shut the bedroom door.

“Shut up, Jeff,” I said rolling over in my bed, “You ruin everything…”

“You’re not perfect either, Duncan,” he shot back. “Your plan to get out of the house didn’t work either…”

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