Write One Page Per Day – 290/365 – October 17, 2018

Free Writing 10/17/18

“Are you coming?” Gwen asked as I looked out the window to our quiet neighborhood.

“Yeah, I just feel off today.” I turned around to look at her, knowing that the bags under my eyes were large. “I didn’t sleep a wink last night.”

“What’s wrong? Bad dreams again?” she asked.

I nodded.

“Want to talk about it?”

I shook my head. There was no point. I had discussed it with her before, and it did nothing to shake the feeling that something was coming. Something bigger. As if hitting the play button again in my head, the room dissolved and I was back in the dream.

I was suddenly surrounded by the people that I had killed over the years. Each of them smiling and nodding as though they were in agreement with something I’d said. One of them that I didn’t recognize walked forward and put his hand on my shoulder and said the same thing I’d heard him say every time, I forgive you. I watched as he slowly became ashes floating away in the wind.

Hazel, one of my more recent assassinations walked up with a beaming smile. She looked at me with one green eye and one orange and wrapped her arms around me. It felt like a hug from a lover, intimate and warm. She looked up at me, kiss me. I would always kiss her. Leaning down and passionately meeting her lips with mine.

That’s when the heat came. My whole body grew hot breaking me from the kiss. When my eyes opened, it was just me standing there, no other people, no Hazel, just me in a steel box with a bright red glowing spot as the temperature skyrocketed.

“Help!” I screamed at the top of my lungs, “I’m in here! Someone help me!”

“Henry!” Gwen’s voice broke through the box as she slapped my face pulling me from my dream. “You’re not coming with me. Not like that. I need you to get some sleep. You’re going insane. Take a Xanax and lay down or I’m taking you to the psych ward.”

With shaking hands, I rubbed my face as I nodded. I walked into the kitchen and grabbed the pill bottle from the sill behind the sink, removed a pill, and filled a glass of water.

“What the fuck is happening to me…” I muttered as I took a pill.

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