Write One Page Per Day – 291/365 – October 18, 2018

The Present

You need to break a few eggs to make an omelet.

The words stared at me from a scrap of paper in my shaking hands. I knew what they meant, he had found another victim. I set the paper back on top of the envelope on my desk and stared at the gift-wrapped package, feeling the blood drain out of my face. I didn’t want to open it but I knew I had to for the case.

I went to the door of my office and yelled down the hall for the two junior detectives that had been assigned the case with me.


Longman peeked around the corner of his office looking confused, “What do you need, Jackson? Did you find-”

“Longman, get me a pair of gloves.”

I sat in one of the chairs next to my door looking at what I knew would be nightmare fuel later taunting me from my desk. My mind raced with the possibility that he had walked right through the building, delivering this to my office himself.

Longman came back carrying the gloves I needed in one hand with the small evidence kit under his other arm.

“Thank you,” I said taking the gloves and slipping them on. I moved to my desk picking up the envelope, setting it gently on top of the box, and then picked up the box. It weighed probably close to thirty pounds. Heavy for such a small box. “Grab a cart, please.”

Longman ran out of the office as I came out into the hall again. He had apparently had a cart in his office because I saw him come out with it and wheel it toward me. I set the box on it.

“Is it from him?” Longman asked.

“I’m fairly certain,” I nodded, “Could you please mark off my office and begin checking it for anything out of the ordinary. I think he may have delivered this one personally.”

I wheeled the package down the hall and around a few corners before arriving in the crime lab. It was tiny, almost too small to be effective, but it beat the hell out of opening this thing in my office.

I turned on the camera to record the session and gave it all the pertinent information I could think of before approaching the package again. I moved it from the cart to a stainless steel table that sat in the middle of the room before touching the wrapping paper.

I pulled a knife out and slid it under the tape releasing its hold. The paper fell off with a couple more pieces, and I saw the box inside belonged to a waffle maker. I pulled the tape from the far end and opened the box. My stomach turned instantly by the sight of the cryo-vac bags lined up neatly containing what I knew were parts of his last victim.

On top was another card. This one read: I thought you might like to have this.

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