Write One Page Per Day – 293/365 – October 20, 2018

The Abandoned Fair

The sound of crunching leaves echoed through the parking lot as I stopped the car, looking up at the abandoned fair attractions.

“Why did you want to come out here?” Longman asked, “You think the guy’s here?”

I nodded, “The last note he sent had a particular slogan on it that meant something to me a long time ago. I think he’s at least left us a clue to something.”

“Are you sure you want to go in here just the two of us?” Longman said, “I could call for backup.”

“I’m sure that we need to do this,” I said, “for Millie, Jack, and all the others. We need to stop him. If he’s here, we aren’t arresting him. We are making sure he never walks out of this place. Do you understand me?”

“Loud and clear,” Longman said his face set to stone.

We got out of the vehicle, both drawing our Glocks as we moved toward the entrance. The rust had corroded the hinges on the gate, and the no trespassing sign had fallen years ago.

“Follow me and keep a sharp eye. He could be anywhere in here,” I said.

I knew where he wanted us to go, and I knew that he would be there. I was playing right into his hands, and I didn’t care. We needed to stop him regardless of what happened today. He couldn’t continue.

With any luck he won’t see Longman until it’s too late, I thought.

Two-hundred feet from the ride I made a hand signal to Longman to take cover. He ducked behind a small train that used to carry children in circles as I continued forward toward the tent. The faded green words painted on the side were still barely readable.

Bend your world and the world will bend with you

“It’s nice to see you again, Detective,” a voice said over the PA system.

I looked around for the control box, keeping my gun at the ready.

“Did you come to kill me?” the voice said again.

“Why would I kill you? I wanted to dance with you,” I yelled, “what do you have for music on that thing? Anything bouncy?”

“Why don’t you have Longman come out?” The voice asked, “He doesn’t need to hide. It’s you I want…”

The PA died as I looked back to Longman. He looked confused and a little scared. My heart was racing as well. He motioned for him to come out and I gave him a tiny shake of my head. I had to assume that he didn’t know exactly where he was sitting.

Suddenly a door opened under my feet, and my world entered freefall. I saw Longman’s face light up before the darkness swallowed me. The door closed above me just as I hit something hard. My ankle twisted and I fell to all fours. I could hear Longman pounding on the trapdoor above me.


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