Write One Page Per Day – 294/365 – October 21, 2018

The Boy in the Forest

A trembling in the ground could be felt for miles surrounding the tiny building situated in the center of the Groadmere Forest. This unassuming wood building had been here for generations and had never been discovered by anyone that didn’t know of its existence, that is, until last night.

The sun rose as the trembling became rumbling and the trees began to shake, the older and weaker trees falling from the movement. Birds and animals ran away from the source, doing anything they could to get out of the path as the shaking grew more violent.

The shaking threatened to topple the entire forest by the time anyone felt it in the town thirty-four miles away. The tiny building remained perfectly still through the shaking as a small boy inside read aloud from an old book. He couldn’t hear what was happening just on the other side of the walls.

The boy paused at the last word, forming the letters phonetically in his mind. As he did the shaking outside also stopped abruptly.

“E-Et fl-agu Ogem,” the boy muttered tracing the words on the page. The room filled with bright light threatening to blind the boy as he screamed.

“You stupid child,” a deep, grave voice said as the light snuffed out, plunging the room into darkness and back into silence.

Outside, a shockwave traveled out from the tiny house, shattering trees, rocks, and boulders. It traveled out for ten miles where it became a strong wind carrying magic on its back. An alert for those who once guarded the tiny building, and a warning for all the common folk of the forest and beyond.

Garshem had returned.

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