Write One Page Per Day – 296/365 – October 23, 2018

New Old Friends

The droning tick of the clock on the wall grated at me while I waited for Gwen to come out. On top of everything that had been going on, I would be meeting an old friend of my father’s that might be able to help Gwen, and I find our latest target, and I had decided to quit smoking. Needless to say, I felt a little on edge today.

After what seemed like an eternity (5 minutes), Gwen came through the door with a middle-aged woman on her arm.

“You must be Henry, I’m Betty,” she said as she let go of Gwen and wrapped me in her arms, pulling my head into her… *cough* Anyway, once I was released she continued talking (though to be honest, she had been talking the whole time she had me, but I was distracted.) “You have your father’s eyes!”

“Thank you, you have very nice,”  I paused, feeling my ears heating up, “breasts.”

“Henry!” Gwen scolded.

“No, no, Gwen, he is simply paying me a compliment,” she winked, “your father enjoyed them a bit as well. I was so sorry to hear of his passing.”

A cold shiver went through my body, and my hand absent-mindedly went to my pocket for the mints that had replaced my cigarettes. I could see from the raised eyebrows and wide eyes that Gwen was getting overwhelmed by the topic, but I had officially stopped listening.

She babbled on about something or other, and I just smiled and nodded while using my tongue to drag a mint across the back of my teeth repeatedly. It may not sound like much, but it may as well be a mini jackhammer in your head. Really does the trick.

“Gwen, perhaps you should show Betty around the property a bit. I’ve got to run an errand really quickly,” I suggested when my mouth lit on fire from the peppermint oil, and I couldn’t handle another.

Gwen looked at me as though I had betrayed her.

“You won’t be long, will you?” Betty asked.

“Only a half hour or so, not too long,” I replied.

“Hurry back, there are so many stories I want to tell you!”

“Of course, Ma’am,” I replied as I slinked off to the car while Gwen shot daggers at me.

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