Write One Page Per Day – 305/365 – November 1, 2018

Threats & Insults

“Take a break,.” Thundercloud looked wearily at the map in his hands as he rested on the side of the gorge. Letting his little wizard companion take a seat.

“My legs hurt,” Faleth complained.

“I assume you don’t do much in the way of walking normally,” Thundercloud replied as he began rolling the map. “It’ll be worth it in the long run. Once we finish the circle today, the king will die, and everything will rebalance accordingly, provided you did your calculations properly.”

“Don’t patronize me, my calculations are always accurate. I don’t make mistakes when it comes to magic,” he said straightening his back. “You would be wise to not suggest otherwise.”

Thundercloud looked down at the wizard trying to intimidate him feeling his anger surge within him. He felt the shaking of the wall of the gorge, and the heat of his blood as Faleth suddenly skittered away from him, his proud expression replaced by fear.

“You would be wise not to tempt a sorcerer,” Thundercloud said, pushing his anger down once more, “I don’t need books and formulae to affect the world. It simply bends to my will, as you always do in the end…”

Faleth’s face went pale as he nodded quickly, “I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have.”

“Let’s get moving. The sooner we finish this circle, the faster I can be away from you and your academia. The smell of your books is enough to turn my stomach,” Thundercloud said, walking down the thin path, leaving Faleth glaring at his back.

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