Write One Page Per Day – 307/365 – November 3, 2018

NaNoWriMo Excerpt – 11/3/18

Tevarin’s eyes became hard once more as screams cut through the sound of my music, causing the patrons of the inn to fall silent. My hands faltered and stopped as my head turned toward the window. From where I stood I could see the flickering light of fire illuminating the sky outside.

Tevarin was already moving toward the door when I looked back and saw Cade’s panicked expression staring up at me.

“Faleth…” Cade said as he moved toward the door.

I jumped from the stage and followed them outside into the stream of people that were coming out of the surrounding buildings.  Even from where we stood we could see the flames reaching for the sky as the entire Noble District burned.

Tevarin, Cade, and I ran down the street toward the gate that separated us from Faleth. My heartbeat sounded loud in my ears as we wove through the increasingly populated path before us.

I saw Faleth as we reached the gate and a guard stepped forward to stop us.

“Halt!” the guard bellowed, holding his spear at the ready.

Tevarin drew her sword and spun up the shaft of his spear swinging hard.

“Tev-” I was cut off by the sound of her sword landing flat against the guard’s helmet. His legs dropped out beneath him as he collapsed to the ground.

“Faleth!” Cade called out reaching the gate before us. “What’s happening?”

“I don’t know, but the three princes are dead. Everything is on fire in the Noble District. I need your help, quick!” Faleth replied.

Cade scaled the gate as though he were a spider disappearing into the hole above. After a moment, the gate began to rise slowly, stopping two feet from the ground.

“Go on!” Cade called, “get through!”

Tevarin and I dropped to the ground and rolled under the gate as it began lowering. Cade joined us a second later as Faleth took off, tearing through the crowd of frightened people heading for the now unmanned gate behind us.

“Why’d you do that?” I asked, falling in beside Tevarin, “Why’d you attack the guard?”

“Calm yourself, Neil. I only knocked him out to get through the gate faster. He would have held us up too long. We’d still be arguing with him an hour from now after half the city had burned.”

“This way,” Faleth said turning to his left.

We followed him to a large white building that had smoke billowing from its roof. A handful of pillars that had once supported the roof had fallen and warped the structure. I could see sections of the wall had already begun to let go as the flames started pouring out of the windows.

“Stop!” Cade yelled as Faleth ran up the stairs.

“I can’t let all this burn!” Faleth yelled back as he pulled the doors open and disappeared inside.

As Tevarin and Cade stepped on the bottom step of the library, an explosion ripped through the building.

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