Write One Page Per Day – 308/365 – November 4, 2018

NaNoWriMo Excerpt 11/4/18

I made the climb into the wagon, awkwardly falling over the side rail only narrowly avoiding hitting Tevarin with my bag as I landed on my back. She scowled at me as I scrambled to the front left corner, ensuring she would have enough room, and I wouldn’t get in her way.

“Everyone set to leave?” Faleth grinned from the seat.

“As set as we’re going to be,” Tevarin said, shifting her body so that she was seated on the opposite side of the wagon from me.

The wagon lurched into motion, and my new life began. I watched my tiny village growing further away with each passing moment. I thought of Credence, Jack, and Fiona. I thought of the Smith and the other farmers that had helped my family in the rougher years. All the men and women of Laeris that had been my family. A little knot twisted itself in my stomach as the road curved and the trees blocked my view.

I pulled my lute close to me, holding it gently. I began quietly plucking the strings, playing the old travel song “The Winds of Change.” I turned away from Tevarin, letting the emotion of the day finally come to reality. In spite of the cheery nature of the song, I wept quietly.

“What’s wrong with you?” Cade asked as his face suddenly appeared in front of mine, half hanging off the shaking wagon. “You should be playing louder.”

“Sorry,” I replied, turning back to look behind the wagon.

I let my fingers pluck the strings harder, making the song ring out and echo through the trees. Even the bumpiness of the road did nothing to slip my fingerings on the frets, The song was exceptionally well suited to a life on the road, letting the ruts assist the player in the bouncy nature of the song.

“Don’t worry, little minstrel. We’ll make sure you get home safely,” Tevarin teased.

“I hope to do more than make it home safely,” I replied, “I hope to collect stories in my travels. Since we are riding back here together, would you mind terribly if I were to collect your’s first?”

“I would mind, actually,” she replied, turning away from me.

“Don’t worry about her,” Cade added from behind me, “I’ll get you started on a story, messing something up eventually, and she’ll take over.”

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