Write One Page Per Day – 310/365 – November 6, 2018

NaNoWriMo Excerpt 11/6/18

“I think this is as good a space as any for a break,” Tevarin said, snapping us back to reality. “Neil needs to relax a bit before I continue.”

I hadn’t even realized that my hands were clenching tight enough that little droplets of blood had begun dripping from my palms.

“Sorry,” I muttered as my cheeks flushed hotly.

“It’s alright, Neil,” Cade said as Tevarin jumped off the wagon and walked casually into the woods. “Tevarin has had a rough life.”

“I’m surprised she’s still talking,” Faleth said as the wagon slowed to a crawl and finally stopped, “I’ve only ever heard her talk about her childhood in bits and pieces while incredibly intoxicated. She must like you to tell you while she’s sober.”

“I didn’t…” I stopped. The words had left me suddenly, and I felt sick.

“I didn’t either when I first hired Tevarin,” Faleth said, “I thought she was just a rough around the edges kind of person that knew her way around the sword. We had traveled together for two years before I heard the first real story of the Northridge Clan from which she came.”

“What did you hear?” I asked.

“Her story is her’s alone to tell, and until she returns, I’m afraid you’ll have to wait,” Faleth said. “Why don’t we set up camp while she ponders what she is willing to tell you next?”

“On it!” Cade yelled as he jumped from the wagon and vanished into the woods.

“I’ll make us some lunch,” Faleth said with a smile. “One of the perks of being a well-educated person with an eidetic memory is that cookbooks are common so I know a vast number of cuisines.”

“I’ll grab the frame for the pot,” I said, feeling the urge to do something.

“Actually, would you mind terribly if you go grab some water for the pot?” Faleth said.

“I don’t actually know where there is water here,” I admitted.

“Just head north north-west and you’ll reach a small stream,” Faleth said, “It’s not far. But hurry, Tevarin will be finished when she gets back.”

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