Write One Page Per Day – 311/365 – November 7, 2018

NaNoWriMo Excerpt 11/7/18

“Cade?” I said, “Are you okay?”

Cade looked up surprised to see me, “Not really,” he admitted, “I had gathered enough from the little Tevarin spoke that she had had a rough life, but to have a person force them self on you is a terrible thing to happen.”

“I’m having my own issues dealing with the knowledge that people like that are out there,” I nodded, “What kind of person would do something like that?”

“A bad person,” Cade said, “A person that belongs in jail. I just hope that Tevarin told someone, or did something.”

“Why wouldn’t she?” I asked.

“Sometimes, when bad things happen, people bottle their experience inside. They tell no one out of fear or shame or both. I met a woman once that worked at the brothel in Jamestown. She said that kind of thing sometimes happens to people like her.”

“That’s terrible! Doesn’t anyone do anything about it?”

“She told me that sometimes things can be done, but if the person is rich, influential, or powerful, sometimes things can’t be done about it…” Cade broke off into another sob. “Our world is so broken!”

“We should try to fix it then,” I said hoping that I sounded more confident than I felt. “The world is dangerous enough outside of the towns and cities in the kingdom, we should, at the very least, be safe from each other.”

“I appreciate your viewpoint, and I try my best to make things better around me, but I sometimes feel that it gets lost in the flood of bad in the world.” He said, wiping the tears from his face.

“I’m sure it doesn’t get lost,” I said, “I carry all the good that ever happened to me in Laeris the same as I carry all the bad. The bad things stand out because they hurt, or there was a lesson to be learned, but the good things stand out because of the warmth I feel when I think about the people and community who carried them out. I’m sure that people carry your good things with them too.”

“You think so?” Cade said, his eyes shining up at me.

“I really do,” I replied.

“That makes me feel better, Neil,” he said. “You’ve done a good thing for me, and I’ll carry it with me.”

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