Write One Page Per Day – 312/365 – November 8, 2018

NaNoWriMo Excerpt 11/8/18

“I killed him, Father. Slade’s dead because of me,” I replied. “I disobeyed you and went to train while you were gone, and now a man is dead because of it.”

“We don’t have to worry about that right now,” he said stroking my hair, “right now we have to worry about the elders. There are rules for when someone kills another within the clan.”

“He tried to rape me! He tried to kill me!” I exploded, rage filling me, as I moved to the bench opposite him.

“Calm down, Tevarin,” he said, “We aren’t even to the punishment yet. The elders will still have to hear from you before they make any judgments. You need to calm yourself before your anger gets the better of you.”

I took a moment to steady myself. The sudden burst of activity mixed with the lack of food and water, making me feel light-headed.

“You look terrible. I’ll go get you something to eat,” Father said as he climbed down. “I’m going to leave this door open, so you get some fresh air, but do not leave the wagon. Do you understand me?”

I nodded as I leaned back against the wall. My stomach hurt from the hunger and my throat was dry. I felt a wave of exhaustion wash over me and threaten to take me into the release of unconsciousness.

My father returned a moment later with some bread, ale, and cheese.

He sat quietly as I ate the bread and cheese like a starving dog before downing the ale. He was ready with a large pitcher of water as well as a basin, cloth, and clean clothes to change in to.

“You look terrible,” he said with a sad smile, “I’ll leave this here with you so you can clean up and get changed. We’ll be seeing the elders as soon as I think you’re ready.”

“I’m ready now,” I protested.

“You’re covered in blood and look like a deranged murderer, Tevarin,” he said, “You need to clean up and take care of yourself first. Let the outside reflect the purity of your truth to the elders. It’ll go better that way.”

“Yes, father,” I agreed, feeling like a child once again as he shut the door so I could change.

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