Write One Page Per Day – 314/365 – November 10, 2018

NaNoWriMo Excerpt 11/10/18

“Ah, my blooming blossom has finally awoken!” Father joked as he pumped. “What brings you here on such a fine day?”

“Garrett wants to speak with me,” I said, “I’m not sure about it and wanted to discuss it with you first.”

“Discuss away,” he said, “I can’t stop or Keagan here will hit me with his hammer.”

Keagan rolled his eyes at my father’s back.

“I can’t talk about it here,” I said, I think he wants it to stay private for now.

“Garrett must be scheming again,” Father said, nodding, “What do you think Master Keagan?”

“Can you stop calling me master?” Keagan replied, “I’m nowhere near a master.”

“Of course you are!” Father bellowed, “Aren’t you in charge of me? That would make you a master wouldn’t it? You teach me, right?”

“Your father is a bit odd,” Keagan said, “I never realized it when he was chief, he always seemed so serious.”

“I had to be!” Father said, releasing the billows for a moment. Keagan gave him a panicked look and opened his mouth to speak but father was already back to pumping. “The duties of the chief are never done, now I have no duties, so I’m always done.”

The wind shifted and I caught a hint of honey wine, “Have you been drinking?”

“I wouldn’t-“

“Yes, he has,” Keagan interrupted.

“You have no proof!” Father protested.

“You’ve been nipping on the stuff every few minutes for over an hour,” Keagan said, “I haven’t said anything because-“ He fell short, unwilling to finish what he was going to say.

“Because why?” my father pressed.

“Because I feel bad that you lost your title. It’s not fair. It’s not right that Tevarin had to pay for following the leader of our tribe. It’s wrong that she can’t train. She should be able to do what she’s best at!” He looked down as his feet, his cheeks flushing. “Damn! I messed up.”

“No, you didn’t,” Father said, “You spoke your mind. There is nothing wrong with that in my opinion.”

“Not that,” Keagan said pulling the rod from the coals. The bright red end of the rod had fallen off. “This.”

“Sorry,” I said feeling a twinge of guilt.

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