Write One Page Per Day – 315/365 – November 11, 2018

NaNoWriMo Excerpt 11/11/18

“What’s happening?” I asked.

“He said that someone here stole from the dragon to the east. They have been commanded to retrieve the treasure and wipe out the village, if necessary.”

“So why are they attacking if they just came for the treasure?” Cade asked.

“He said the leaders here didn’t admit to the theft and refused to give it back,” Faleth said.

“Does he know what it is, or where it is?” I asked.

The half-dragon screamed something guttural, and a handful of kobolds appeared from the nearby houses, ten in total. They gathered around the half-dragon and bickered between each other.

The half-dragon yelled something toward us, and Faleth turned around, “In common, please. These three do not speak your wonderful language.”

“Give us the item we seek, or you will face our consequences,” the Half-Dragon said, “I grow tired of waiting.”

“There it is,” Tevarin said, shaking her head. “The obvious threat and the admitting to wanting to destroy this village, is anyone unpredictable anymore?”

“Can you tell us what the item is you seek?” Faleth asked as I stifled a laugh. Seeing Tevarin so relaxed in the face of the enemies across from us set me at ease a little, but not much.

“You will hand it over to us now, or we will kill you all and find it. I am tired of waiting,” the Half-Dragon said.

“Well, that puts me up first,” Tevarin said as she stepped forward. “I guess we just have to settle this the fun way then.”

“Come on, big ugly,” Tevarin called holding her sword out pointing at him.

The Half-dragon moved forward quickly and opened its mouth as though it were going to say something. Instead of words, a green liquid sprayed out at Tevarin, covering her.

“What the hell is wrong with you?!” she screamed at him as she moved forward. She swung once, but the half-dragon parried the blow. Tevarin spun, squatted, and came up hard, slamming into the side of the creature with her shield. He tried to catch himself but failed as he fell to the ground. With a warriors cry Tevarin came over with her sword once more, this time slicing through the creature’s arm.

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