Write One Page Per Day – 318/365 – November 14, 2018

NaNoWriMo Excerpt 11/14/18

“You want to rob people?” Codger asked, setting the clean dishes on the side of the wash basin. “Didn’t Cade explain we don’t rob people?”

“Not people, Codger,” I said, “houses.”

“Houses?” he repeated.

“The rich people up there don’t stay there all the time,” Kaitlyn said, “We could sneak in, take some money or valuables, and bring them back down here.”

“I don’t know,” Codger said.

“It would fetch more than a few copper a day,” I said, “and it’s not really hurting anyone. The rich people don’t need so much stuff. You said yourself that if things don’t turn around down here you’d have to leave.”

“I did day that,” Codger said nodding. “Alright, but on three conditions, you can never pocket anything for yourself unless it’s given back to you from the people that need it, you can never take anything of personal importance from anyone in the upper-tier, and you can never hurt anyone.”

Kaitlyn’s face twisted as she thought it over, “I can’t take anything?”

“Anything,” Codger repeated. “The point of your idea is to help the people down here. That would mean there is no personal gain in it for you. You are doing it solely for the betterment of the lives of the people living in the lower-tier.”

“I don’t know,” Kaitlyn began.

“Come on, Kaitlyn. It’ll be great! We would be getting so much out of it without ever taking a thing for ourselves. The lower-tier would be safer; there would be enough food and shelter. We’d be like the heroes in the stories I heard when I was young!”

She looked from me to Codger and back, her eyes uncertain. I could see that she was weighing out whether she could get good enough to pull it off alone or if it would be best to work with us.

“What happens if anyone gets caught and arrested?” Kaitlyn asked.

“If you think you’re ready, you won’t get caught and arrested. Especially if you hold to the rules where you’re only taking from empty homes,” Codger said.

“Yes, but if we were to get caught and arrested, could you help us?” Kaitlyn asked. “Given that we’ve followed the rules?”

“Maybe, but before you start heading up to guard territory,” He pulled a true gold coin from his pocket. “You need to be able to take this from me.”

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