Write One Page Per Day – 320/365 – November 16, 2018

NaNoWriMo Excerpt 11/16/18

“What can I do for you, sir?” Ryan said.

“We are at your command, sir!” Petra said.

“Get these two a set of dark clothes, a full set of tools for thieves, and a bull’s eye lamp. They are fixing to get themselves killed, but hell, it’ll be a wonderful execution!” Teagan said still smiling.

“Thank you, sir! You don’t know how-“ Kaitlyn began.

Teagan had cut her off by merely holding up a hand, “Here’s the deal. I’ll take five copper for the lot, but you owe me a full gold in a month. If you are executed before then, I won’t sweat the loss. If you’re not dead, and you don’t pay, let me just say you should probably pay.

Teagan opened the drawer to his right and produced two daggers. The sheaths were a dark black, and the handle was inlaid with a dark stone. “These were given to me by the man that taught me everything I know. I will be leaving them in a secure room upstairs. There won’t be guards, there won’t be traps. Just these two daggers. If you can get to them, my men will never bother you again in your comings and goings. Otherwise, they won’t care.

“With all of this, I expect thirty percent of everything you lift from the upper-tier-”

“Five,” I shot back.

Teagan’s smile widened, “I like you, twenty.”


“It’s less entertaining the second time. I’ll go to fifteen.” He said, his smile faltering, “I suggest you think before you come at me again.”

I pondered his arrangement, “Fifteen and you’ll keep me supplied with everything I need to do my jobs at a heavily discounted rate.” I held out my hand.

“Deal,” he said grasping my hand as Ryan returned with the things he had asked for, “Now, go and have fun, and try not to get killed.”

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