Write One Page Per Day – 322/365 – November 18, 2018

NaNoWriMo Excerpt 11/18/18

The plan was simple. We would wait until Codger was sleeping, use the kit we got from Teagan to gain access to his room, and then find the coin and leave without disturbing anything or anyone. In theory, it was simple, but it proved to be difficult in practice.

The first issue we encountered was that neither of us knew Codger’s nighttime habits. We had to spend a few nights watching for him to go to bed, and during the day we practiced with the lock picks from the kit. My small hands made quick work of most locks as I learned to twist the barrel and rake the tumblers, but I couldn’t shake the feeling that there was still something out of place.

Kaitlyn had taken the time to prepare a schedule for us to ‘patrol’ looking for Codger on our way, checking to see if her was in his room. We trick was to pass the hall at the far end, so that if the guards standing there were still present they would see us, but we could see them. Most nights Codger would be in his room with the guard dismissed for the evening my tenth bell.

“We should go tonight,” Kaitlyn said on the latest pass of her route. “He doesn’t expect us to go there when he’s there.”

“We don’t know what he expects,” I said, “he’s been distant since he challenged us, and I still can’t shake this feeling that there is something wrong.”

“It’s your Halfling instincts,” she teased, “you’re not used to doing shady things, or dealing with shady people like Teagan. You and I have been working together on this for the better part of a week doing both of those things.”

I nodded, thinking about everything that I had done recently. “Maybe you’re right. I should just push the feeling down. It’s not like we’re doing anything illegal yet. Codger knows what’s going on and he won’t actually lose anything when we give it back to him.”

“That’s the spirit,” Kaitlyn said with a smile.

“What about finding the coin?” I asked. “Assuming we make it into his rooms without waking him.”

“That’s the hard part,” she said her eyes focusing. “We’re going to have to search his room until we find it, it could take hours. If we don’t find it tonight, we’ll search again tomorrow, and again the next day if we must.”

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