Write One Page Per Day – 325/365 – November 21, 2018

NaNoWriMo Excerpt 11/21/18

I dipped the spoon in the bowl and took a slow bite. The porridge was a perfect temperature with hints of cinnamon and nutmeg. There was another flavor riding in the background like some sort of musical harmony of flavor. It was easily one of the best things I had ever tasted, and my stomach agreed.

I ate ravenously, devouring the bowl fast while Marlene looked on with a sad smile. As I set the spoon down, she reached out and took the bowl, offering me some fruit. It was only then that I had realized how fast I had eaten.

“Sorry,” I said reaching for an apple, forcing my hand to move slower.

“You’re fine, dear,” Marlene said, “This about you getting well, not about being proper. If it were, we wouldn’t be eating in the bedroom.”

“Thank you,” I said looking around the room once more, “so this is where I’ll be living now?”

“For a time,” she nodded, “I’ve been told that some letters concerning the rest of your care were sent to your extended family. Only time will tell if you leave here before reaching adulthood.”

“What of my studies at the college?” I asked, knowing that my parents would not want me to miss any more time than necessary.

“I don’t know that it will be possible for you to return, at least not so soon after…” She trailed off not wanting to say it.

“After my parents’ deaths, I know, but they were adamant about my pursuing my education. My father was a teacher there, and both of them had been students there in their youth. They wouldn’t want me to fall behind because of this.”

“This is no small matter, Faleth,” Marlene said, “You need to take the time to process what has happened. You can’t just busy yourself and avoid it, this isn’t the kind of thing that goes away.”

“I’ll be fine,” I said, knowing full well that logically she was right. At some point, these events would come crashing down in my head, and I would be useless for a time. Until that happened, however, I would pursue the goals my parents had wanted for me. “What day is today?”


“So four days have passed since the accident?” I asked.

Marlene nodded.

“I need to speak with my dean. I need to catch up.”

“You need to rest,” Marlene protested gently.

“I can rest at the end of the term. There’s barely more than a span remaining. If I test well, I can go in for another term when I’ve had my time. For now, I have to concentrate on my studies.” I stood and walked across to the wardrobe that I guessed had been set aside for me. “Are my things in here?”

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