Write One Page Per Day – 326/365 – November 22, 2018

NaNoWriMo Excerpt 11/22/18

The city was its normal bustling self as I walked. It had remained unchanged from the fire that had torn my life apart over the course of a single night. The merchants still traded, the bakers still baked, and the college still stood, towering over everything. The stone of the college stood in stark contrast to the rest of the city.

I remember talking to my father about the difference in the stone. He had told me of quarries, far away and long forgotten that had been the source of the blocks. They had used primitive magic to move the stones. When I asked why they hadn’t used stones locally his answer had been simple. The college stood as a monument for magic, its power and grace to move and build something so grand so long ago.

I had marveled the first time I had touched the walls. They seemed to hum to me in some ancient magical resonance that mingled with new magic practiced at the school. Today, I didn’t stop to look at the stone. Today, I could only focus on the task at hand. I had to be the best wizard the world had ever seen, greater even than the wizards that had built the school.

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