Write One Page Per Day – 327/365 – November 23, 2018

NaNoWriMo Excerpt 11/23/18

“Faleth!” Marlene said as she waved me over, “come sit with me!”

Everyone watched me as I moved across the room and sat next to Marlene at the head table. There was a low whisper through the room as a basket of rolls floated down to land between Marlene and me.

“How was your trip to the college?” she asked, “Did they allow you back in?”

I shook my head, “No, but the dean is allowing me to check out books from the library, so I will continue my studies in any case.”

“Nothing will stop you, will it?” Marlene asked.

“Do you understand the principles that allow this food to float through the air?” I asked, feeling the flare of anger again as I looked into her sad eyes. “Do you understand what makes these servants possible to even exist? Unseen servants are the concoction of a long dead wizard that had the idea that life would be easier not just for himself, but also for the world if he wrote down his spell and shared it with the world.”

“These servants are more than they appear,” Marlene said, “I trust that you understand the principles that you speak of, and that my limited knowledge of them aides in the fact that you are no doubt more highly educated than me, but you should be mindful of the fact that you do not understand everything, nor do you know everything.”

My jaw slacked at the sharp retort as she picked up a roll and took a bite, turning her head away from me. Her cheeks were red in embarassment and when I looked, every child in the room was staring at me. Some looked as though they would cry, others looked as though they would beat me. It suddenly dawned on me that she was just doing her best to get by, the same as me.

“I’m sorry, Marlene, I shouldn’t have snapped at you. Today has just been a frustrating day of obsticals blocking me at every corner and the constant sad look I get from everyone I talk with,” I said.

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