Write One Page Per Day – 328/365 – November 24, 2018

NaNoWriMo Excerpt 11/24/18

“Last night you cast a spell that charms people into liking you. Though terribly flawed you still did it. I didn’t even realize you had until you had already left. Tevarin was furious when your spell dissipated, Cade was more forgiving. I, myself, was more curious.” He replied. “I think that I have cleared up the matter quiet successfully.”

“By the god’s!” I said, my head spinning in panic, “Tevarin will kill me. I didn’t – I couldn’t – I wouldn’t – I don’t know magic!”

“Now now, calm yourself.” Faleth said, “It’s okay. She won’t kill you. That’s why I am here waiting for you rather than she.”

“I am so sorry!” I said falling to the ground and putting my forehead on the floor. “I wouldn’t have played had I known you would have been charmed by me. I will never play again.”

“Please get up.” Faleth said, “You are not in trouble. I am trying to help you here.”

“What do you mean help me?” I said, looking up but not rising.

“I’m trying to gather some information about you so that I can better help you learn to control your magic.”

“You’re saying that you can help me control it?” I asked, staning and returning to my seat. “How?”

“Well,” Faleth started, “Not all magic is the same. For example, I am a wizard. I use my understanding of the weave to get reactions out of it the way I want. A sorcerer, though very different from wizards, use their will to bend the weave. You young man, are a bard. You land somewhere in the middle of a wizard and a sorcerer.”

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