Write One Page Per Day – 329/365 – November 25, 2018

NaNoWriMo Excerpt 11/25/18

“Follow me,” Tevarin said stepping away from the cart.

Cade and Faleth both raised their eyebrows at me in surprise as I turned away from the wagon and followed her a short distance away.

“What’s the problem?” I asked.

“Dragon’s are a proud race,” Tevarin said, “I know a thing or two about pride. If you release him, he will attack you. He can come with us, but he has to remain bound. If the dragon is alive, and he is free when we find it, the dragon will assume that he showed us where to go of his own free will. At least with his hands bound he can deny helping us.”

“I suppose that makes sense,” I said nodding, “sorry.”

“There’s nothing to be sorry for, you didn’t free him, so there was no harm done, but, in the future, you should consider that not everyone is like you. Not everyone is so accepting of the differences we bring to the table,” Tevarin said. She stepped awkwardly toward me and brushed past me. Her hand touched the back of my hand, sending electricity up through my arm.

I stood there for a moment, considering what we could do. A click sounded from up the side of the mountain, drawing my attention as stone began skittering and sliding down the side. I ran back to the wagon as a large stone, nearly the size of the wagon dislodged from halfway up and slammed to a stop where I had been standing.

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