Write One Page Per Day – 332/365 – November 28, 2018

NaNoWriMo Excerpt 11/28/18

I awoke in my bed at the inn covered in a cold sweat and feeling as though I had been up all night. The sun pushed its way through the shudders on the far side of the room where Cade’s bed lay unoccupied and neatly made.

I rolled from the bed and moved toward the door, but stumbled just before I reached it. I could hear talking from the other side, but it stopped when I landed. My arms and legs refused to listen at first as I tried to push myself from the floor.

“What the hell happened to you?” Cade asked as he opened the door and saw me lying on the floor. “You look like someone beat a devil out of you.”

“I need water,” I said, realizing that I was suddenly very parched.

“Hold on,” Cade said as he vanished around the corner.

I set my head on the floorboards and waited patiently until he returned a moment later, Tevarin in tow.

“What happened to him?” she said, “He looks ill.”

“I’m fine, I just didn’t sleep well,” I said, “I had a strange dream about the fey wild. I’m sure the excitement of the dream-“

“Did you say the fey wild?” Tevarin asked, cutting me off, “Last night? You dreamt of the fey wild?”

“Yeah, and I woke up sore and off balance,” I said as Cade helped me to a seated position and pushed a water skin into my hands. “Thank you.”

I drank greedily from the skin, draining every drop of it, but felt my balance returning to me with each swallow.

“He needs Night’s Tallow,” Tevarin said, looking to Cade, “Not water. Don’t give him any more water.”

“It was just a dream,” I protested, “and I’m still thirsty.”

“Tell me about your dream while Cade fetches another skin of water and some Night’s Tallow,” Tevarin said, shooing Cade away.

He gave me a slightly offended look as he rounded the corner again. I told Tevarin everything that had occurred in my dream while she sat totally motionless listening to every word. Anything I said that she felt wasn’t described in enough detail she asked me to clarify. By the end of the story she was pale and shaking.

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