Write One Page Per Day – 334/365 – November 30, 2018

NaNoWriMo Excerpt 11/30/18

“How’s it going?” Cade asked as he approached. “Making any progress?”

“No,” I said, not letting my eyes wander.

“That’s because you’re doing it wrong.”

“I know, ‘I’m not seeing it,’” I said mocking Faleth’s voice. “It doesn’t make sense to me at all.”

“I’ve met a lot of bards in my time,” Cade said, “you don’t use magic through logic like wizards do. You have to relax more. Where’s your lyre?”

“I left it in the wagon,” I said.

“I’ll be right back,” Cade said as he ran off. He returned a few minutes later with my lyre in his hands. “Take this.”


“Just trust me, okay? Don’t tell Faleth that I’m doing this or he’ll be furious with me,” Cade said looking around.

I took the lyre from him and felt the wood grain in my hands. It felt nice to hold it.

“Now, what does candles and campfires make you feel like?”

“I don’t know what you mean,” I said. “Where are you going with this?”

“The way you cast magic is more on instinct than logic,” Cade said, “I watch people a lot, and I’ve seen a lot of magic in the last eighty years or so-“

“You’re eighty?!”

“Don’t cut me off,” Cade said with a smile, “you’re missing the point. You don’t use logic to see the weave like wizards do, you feel it from here.” He poked me in the chest.


“So play, and focus on what you want,” Cade said. “Light the candle.”

I cleared my mind and let my fingers pluck at the strings playfully while I looked at the burning candle. Within a matter of seconds my playing was matching the way the flame flickered, I shifted my attention to the unlit candle and continued playing the melody, imagining the flame on the wick. A tiny trail of smoke began rising from the wick and it suddenly popped, lighting the candle.

“I did it!” I gasped.

“See,” Cade said smiling, “don’t let Faleth try to change who you are. You’re a bard. You feel the weave, you don’t see it or use logic to impose upon it.”

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