Write One Page Per Day – 337/365 – December 3, 2018

A Bard’s Tale (Excerpt) 12/3/18

“So we’re going to get some tools, hopefully we can get them without getting robbed,” she said as she pulled her shirt away from her and tucked the coins deep inside. She paused when she saw my puzzled look, “only a complete piece of garbage would search a woman’s more tender areas for money.”

“A-Alright,” I agreed, averting my eyes despite the fact that my head was slightly below what she described as ‘tender areas.’ She finished adjusting quickly, shot me a quick smile as she motioned for me to follow, and we were off to risk our lives in some dark corner of the lower tier.

We walked for a bit, stopping every so often to ask a few questions from some shadier looking people. I gathered quickly that Kaitlyn had been in these parts of the city many times before. She seemed to know where to find the next part of the trail we were following and I thought better than to open my mouth around anyone.

Fifteen people, fifteen clues as to the next person in the line to reach her goal and we were finally standing outside an unassuming shack that looked as though a stiff breeze could knock it over.

“This is it,” Kaitlyn sighed as a man stepped around the corner walking toward the door. “This is where we can find Teagan.”

“Who’s this guy, and why him? We couldn’t find tools in any other part of the city?” I asked as the man stepped on the steps and looked around before raising his hand to knock.

His hand froze midair as his eyes locked with mine. He swiped his hand through his hair, looked up and down the street, then took off at a sprint away from the door.

“That’s inconspicuous,” Kaitlyn giggled.

“Why’d he run off?” I asked.

“Because we’re standing here, that’s why,” Kaitlyn said. “The guards have been searching for Teagan for some time. He maintains a pretty severe level of security around himself these days.”

“If he’s so secretive, why can you just say his name?”

“It’s not his real name,” Kaitlyn said, “he has a lot of aliases, I assume at this point he may not even know what his real name is, whether the guards do or not.”

“Can’t the guards just use magic to find him? Wizards can do anything,” I asked.

“You’ll understand when you meet him,” she replied, “now stay quiet, and stay here.”

I watched her cross the street nonchalantly and look around like she was being followed by some unsavory types. She stumbled into the stairs and caught herself on the door itself, though I saw her hand quickly knock once before landing on her palm.

28 Days Left!

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