Write One Page Per Day – 339/365 – December 5, 2018

A Bard’s Tale (Excerpt) 12/5/18

I picked up the glass, shook my head, and downed the liquid in one gulp. It burned like liquid fire. My breath was taken out of me as I realized I had never tried anything harder than ale or mead. Bore got a good laugh out of the coughing fit that followed.

“Damn boy, you sure know how to make an old innkeeper happy,” Bore laughed, “It’s not every day that I see someone react to my homemade whiskey like that.”

“Sorry, I wasn’t expecting it to burn so much,” I said as I fumbled for my coin pouch.

“Don’t worry about paying,” Bore said, “breaking in a youngling to hard liquor is a privilege and an honor. You’ll remember this inn for the rest of your life now.”

I nodded. “You’re right about that!”

“Morning Bore, can I get one for the road?” a man said as he sat down at the bar. I had seen him before, days ago, but couldn’t remember his name.

“Where are you heading?” I asked.

“North mostly, there have been some weird reports up that way of some strange things. If it wasn’t for hearing one report straight from my friend that lives up there I wouldn’t believe it,” He replied.

“Would you mind having an aspiring bard along for the trip?” I asked.

“You’re more than aspiring from what I’ve heard you do,” he replied, “but in either case you’re welcome to join me.”

“What about just staying here?” Bore asked, his eyes pleading, “We can renegotiate.”

“I appreciate everything, Bore, but I think it’s best if I move along now,” I said.

“If I can’t change your mind, at least promise to come stay here when you come back through,” Bore said. “The inn hasn’t been this busy in years. Word of you playing here got around and now people will be wanting to see you.”

“I can promise to stay here if I come back through,” I said with a smile.

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