Write One Page Per Day – 343/365 – December 9, 2018

A Bard’s Tale (Excerpt 12/9/18)

I reached the bottom of the stairs to find the room at capacity. Word had spread through the lower tier of my performance and tonight it was more customers than I had ever seen in the inn. I stepped up on the stage and sat in the performer’s chair and began my playing.

I let my fingers do what they would across the strings as my mind wandered to the fey wild, to the king of the pixies looking down on my sleeping form, to Coali trying to sneak through their lands to the fruit in an attempt to stop the bridge between our worlds from forming, and finally to my regret in not kissing Coali when I had the thought to on our way to the pixies.

I looked over at Tevarin, who I now realized resembled Coali greatly, and saw that her face was reflecting the sad music I was playing. My eyes wandered the crowd and only a handful of people weren’t visibly upset, but I could still see the wells of tears forming in their eyes.

Bore moved through the crowd quickly approaching the stage and I let my fingers stop at a natural break as he reached the stage.

“Can we hear something a little more lively, please. My customers didn’t come here to listen be upset,” he asked, his face a mask over his anger.

“Of course, sorry,” I said as my fingers began to flit around the strings playing music not of my own devices.

Soon the inn was bustling and dancing to old farmer’s songs. I even played a handful of songs about troublesome pixies that drew laughter from the crowd when the pixie king was punished by his wife for his infidelity. An hour passed of playing before I took a break and approached the bar, getting a few free drinks for Tevarin, Cade, and myself before returning to the stage to finish my performance.

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