Write One Page Per Day – 344/365 – December 10, 2018

A Bard’s Tale (Excerpt 12/10/18)

Without a word we followed as best as we could. I was becoming better at identifying good footing while ascending the face so I slipped less than I had the first leg, but now my thighs and calves burned from the strain of it. My hands could barely hold onto the rope by the time we made the second landing.

The half-dragon didn’t even pause here, he continued on, forcing us to keep up

We ran, despite what we knew we were running into. There was a purpose to our journey, and this time it was to keep Greycott safe. I hoped that somehow we could convince the dragon to leave the poor people of the village alone and perhaps come to help it recover whatever was stolen from it.

The half-dragon gained a distance from us as he reached the peak before us, and disappeared over the top. Tevarin was next over the top and then Cade followed by myself. When I caught up to Tevarin I found that we were not actually at the top of the mountain, but instead at the mouth of a large cavern.

Inside torches burned in brackets, giving a warm light off to the entry, but further in, what appeared to be tunnels split off deeper into the mountain.

“Where’d the half-dragon go?” I asked.

“He must’ve gone down one of the tunnels,” Tevarin said, “I didn’t see him when I reached this, and he definitely didn’t go up further.”

“So what now?” I asked.

“We have to find the dragon and find out what was stolen,” Cade said, “we have to stop the dragon from destroying the village.”

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