Write One Page Per Day – 349/365 – December 15, 2018

A Bard’s Tale (Excerpt) 12/15/18

Neil stood before them awkwardly before he moved and wiped his brow free of a bead of sweat as it ran down his forehead. He felt a odd hum in the air, like music that he couldn’t hear still resonating through the room.

Suddenly the hum dissipated and there was a flurry of movement from everyone. Jack, Credence, and Fiona began clapping while Tevarin and Cade rubbed their eyes and necks. Faleth raised a hand as though he were trying to get Neil’s attention, but a foot above his head his hand vanished. Neil looked on dumbfounded as Faleth’s arm pulled down and reappeared with a book clasped in his hand.

“That was amazing!” Jack boomed as he rushed to the platform. “Where did you learn to play like that?”

“I didn’t-” Neil began.

“I think it’s getting late,” Faleth said, “I think it would be wise if everyone called it a night.”

“You are truly a talented musician,” Cade said as he walked up to Neil.

“And you’re not half bad looking either,” Tevarin said as she staggered up to the platform.

“Whoa now, Tevarin,” I think you may have had a bit too much ale,” Cade said, “I think you should just go lay down.”

“You don’t get to tell me what to do, Cade. We’ve talked about this. I don’t bed halflings,” Tevarin slurred.

“That’s our cue,” Jack said as he spun and grabbed Fiona’s elbow steering her out of the room.

“Tevarin, the last time I heard you say that to a man, you dissapeared with him for the evening and beat him senseless in the morning for taking advantage of you,” Faleth said,

“I need to speak with the boy, why don’t you go sober up a little before you make decisions like that?”

Cade nudged Neil and gave him a nod. Faleth’s hand was gripping Neil’s elbow as Cade began arguing with Tevarin. Faleth led him gently to the front door.

“You need to leave before she refocuses and brings you upstairs whether you want to or not,” Faleth said, “I’ve seen her like this before.”

“You needed to speak with me though,” Neil protested.

“We can speak in the morning,” Faleth assured him.

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