Write One Page Per Day – 355/365 – December 21, 2018

A Bard’s Tale (Excerpt) 12/21/18

“Good morning, Neil,” Credence said drawing his attention to the bar where a steaming bowl of porridge waited for him, “eat up.”

Neil turned away from Faleth and approached the bar, his nose pulling in the smell of berries and cream. His stomach growled loud enough that Credence’s eyebrows raised as a smile spread across her face.

“Thank you,” Neil said seeing the blue and red streaks through the meal.

“Good rest and hot meals are the things life is about,” Credence replied with a wink as she grabbed a crate from under the bar and hefted it through the kitchen door.

Neil took a single bite, allowing the berries to pop in his mouth providing just the right amount of sweetness to the rich and creamy porridge.

“Jack is a wonderful cook,” Faleth said as he sat next to him.
Neil nodded, unwilling to meet the wizard’s gaze.

“I’m sorry about last night,” Faleth said, “I get carried away sometimes. New magic intrigues me, and I’ve never seen anything exactly like yours.”

“I wasn’t even aware I was using magic until you said something, but Cade and my mother both seem to think I was based on what Cade saw and I told my mother,” Neil replied.

“It just adds to the mystery,” Faleth said, “I’ve met many bards, wizards, clerics, paladins, and even a sorcerer once. All of their magics make sense to me, and all of them have to try to use it. You, however, seem to be a rare case, like a sorcerer but something is different.”

Neil resumed his meal as Faleth pulled a pack from the floor and set it on the bar. He rifled through it, searching until he found the parchment case and quill he was looking for.

“If you don’t mind, I’d like to ask you some questions. I am a bit of a researcher in these matters,” Faleth said.

“Ask away,” Neil said as he put the last bite of food into his mouth. He felt a pang of sadness as he realized there was no more, and he didn’t feel it would be appropriate to continue eating while being interviewed.

“Is there a history of magic in your family?” Faleth asked.

“My mother told me last night that my grandfather had been a great bard,” Neil said.

“Interesting. Did you know him?”

Neil shook his head, “It was news to me when she told me. I knew he played instruments, but never that he was a bard.”

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