Write One Page Per Day – 356/365 – December 22, 2018

A Bard’s Tale (Excerpt) 12/22/18

Continued from December 21, 2018

“Interesting,” Faleth said, scratching away on his parchment. Neil looked over and saw that whatever language the wizard was writing in was one he had never seen before.

“Can you tell me about last night? What was going through your head when you were playing? What did it feel like to use the magic?”

“Honestly, I was just trying to impress everyone,” Neil said reaching up to scratch the back of his head. “As far as the way it felt, I guess it was like being disconnected from my own body. My hands moved on their own and the magic just sort-of happened.”

“What did you feel like after?”

“I felt tired-worn out, maybe-like I had just spent the day moving hay at the farm,” Neil said.

“Can you think of any other occasions that something similar has happened?” Faleth asked.

“My mother mentioned something, though I don’t remember. Willow hurt her leg last year and wouldn’t hold still while my father went to fetch the healer. My mother had asked me to look after her, so I brought my lyre out to play for her-”

“What made you bring your lyre?” Faleth asked.

“When I ride in the cart I always bring my lyre. I thought it might calm her,” Neil replied.

“What happened when you played for her?”

“She calmed down, like I thought she would. Her head swayed with the music for a few minutes. I remember her leg was terribly swollen and looked like it was bent at a weird angle. It made me feel ill to look at it,” Neil said, “Then it just went down. Like someone had drained it of fluid it got smaller. There were a few pops from her leg. I was worried something worse was happening, but then she just stood up as though nothing had happened.”

“Fascinating,” Faleth said, “Can you think of any other weird happenings?”

Neil shook his head again as Faleth scratched more into the parchment.

“How are you boys getting along?” Credence asked, appearing from the kitchen.

“Apparently, your minstrel here is a fledgling bard,” Faleth said raising his eyebrows at her.

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