Write One Page Per Day – 360/365 – December 26, 2018

The Statue of the King – Part 2

I turned away from the sewer grate, leaving Gerty climbing down on her own. I knew that there was a possibility that nothing would go right, and I didn’t want her getting dragged into the missle of things more than was needed. She was still new to the resistance.

I made it to the end of the alley where the great gleaming statue stood. My stomach knotted when I saw a handful of guards walking on the far side of the square. The glass orb in my hand suddenly felt cold and heavy as I watched the guards laughing and talking amongst themselves.

It’s now or never, I thought as I closed my eyes and brought the words to mind that would release the elemental.

“God’s curse the tyrant!” I screamed as I hurled the orb toward the statue, “ELEMENTA LIBERTAS!”

Everything I saw in the square slowed suddenly as I watched the orb transition from crystal clear to a bright glowing red. Before it smashed on the statue an explosion ripped through the center of the square, engulfing everything in flames.

The guards, which had turned toward me, were blown back from the statue. The flames were of every color I had ever seen as the concussive power of them reached me where I was standing. I was knocked flat on my back, landing hard on the stone beneath me.

As I scrambled to my feet, a great roar shook the buildings around me. I looked toward the square where the giant, fire-wreathed elemental stood, dwarfing even the statue of the king. I watched in awe as the statue melted in such close proximity to the creature.

The guards that I had seen turned toward the creature with weapons drawn, but I had seen enough. I didn’t want to risk standing in that thing’s path. I turned and ran down the alley to the grate, climbing down the hole I pulled the grate back into place and finished climbing down.

“What happened?” Gerty asked as I reached the bottom of the ladder.

“It worked, now we run,” I replied as I grabbed her hand and began leading her through the tunnels.

Far above us I could hear the roaring of the creature and the sounds of large objects hitting the pavement above us. We ran for what felt like hours, but was really only a few minutes to the end of the tunnel where it came out into the lower tier.

I helped Gerty down the ten foot decent to the street below and followed her as echoes of the elemental destroying the square sounded overhead. I felt the swelling pride of accomplishment as we continued on our way to the Drunken Boar where we would rest and wait for news of the level of destruction to the upper tier.

Maybe now the real fight will begin, I thought.

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