Write One Page Per Day – 361/365 – December 27, 2018

“How far are you willing to go to protect your city?” the necromancer asked as he twisted his hand into a claw. Cade screamed in pain as his body twisted unnaturally. “Are you willing to die for it?”

“Yes,” Cade managed, barely more than the sound of a breath.

“No!” Tevarin and Neil yelled in unison, struggling against their bonds.

The necromancer’s face contorted into a mask of fury as he twisted his hand once more, forcing Cade’s legs to fold backward with a sickening crunch. His arms tied themselves behind his back and his spine cracked and crumpled.

Neil watched as Tevarin fought against the restraints holding her. A bestial scream escaping her as the iron exploded, freeing her hands. She moved forward like an arrow, holding a scrap of the iron, thrusting it hard into the necromancer’s throat.

The necromancer’s hands flew to cover the wound as Tevarin released the shard and came around with a powerful blow that crumpled the necromancer into a heap at her feet. Her hand raised once more and came down with enough force that a nauseating crunch sounded followed by a soft thud as her fist crushed the necromancer’s skull.

Through his tears, Neil watched Cade fall from the air, landing in the moss softly, but still contorted into an unnatural shape.

“Get me out, Tevarin! I can help him!” Neil yelled pulling on the shackles. “I can save him! Quickly, there’s still time!”

Tevarin looked over at him like a raged beast, covered in blood. She sprinted to his side and pulled the shackles off his wrists as though they were made of paper.

Neil scrambled to Cade’s side and placed his hands on his body. Neils eyes glassed over as he straightened out Cade’s limbs. He began humming at first, the Song of Spring, it rose in him like a sprout pushing through the recently thawed earth, becoming louder until it was all he could hear.

With the sound came an energy that reached out, searching for Cade, wherever he had gone, until it found him. Neil could feel the magic connection with his friend as he called him back to them. Back to Tevarin, and Jamestown. Back to everything, and everyone that he cared about.

Over the sound of his singing, he could hear the bones setting back in place, and feel the tremors of muscles and ligaments realigning into their proper positions. With the last note of the song he heard a sudden gasp of air from Cade as the halfling returned to them.

Tevarin fell on them both, embracing them in a tear filled cry of joy as exhaustion washed over Neil.

“I did it. I found you,” Neil whispered before the darkness consumed him, pulling him down into a deep sleep.

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