74/366 – Khasi and Sieda

Khasi looked down on the valley. The ant-like things from where he stood were people and cars that moved around unsuspecting of his plan. She would see him now. She would hear him. He had waited too long last time, but this time she would understand.
Khasi began his descent carrying his bag with him. The small bricks clinked merrily as he practically bounced his way down. Methodically, he placed one of these tiny bricks on the roof of each building downtown, ensuring that they had proper access to the sky above. It was crucial that he could see each from his planned vantage point.

“You’ll know my pain now,” he muttered as he stood up from placing the last one. “You’ll understand everything you put me through.

Khasi stepped off the roof and landed softly on the sidewalk forty feet below. He strolled up the street sickened by the merriment of the people that inhabited this chosen village of insignificance. He concentrated and blinked up to the ridge that overlooked it all.
Producing a tiny, single-button remote from his vest, he pointed it down and pressed it. A flash of white light filled his vision as each of the devices below activated. Each floated to an altitude of a hundred feet and produced a cage of pure energy that overlapped slightly. Khasi felt a strange sort of pride in his invention as he watched the cages shrink down to a single beam aimed straight down.

The beams became impossibly thin before expanding rapidly. The explosion ripped through the building, ionizing the air around it, and all but making the walls and ceiling vanish in an instant. Along with it, hundreds of people blinked out of existence. Khasi looked on with a cruel smile.

“NO!” Sieda screamed from behind him, making his heart leap to his throat.

Khasi spun in time to feel the full force of Sieda’s punch across his jaw as he rocketed through the air and slammed into a wall. He staggered to his feet, pulling the other control from his pocket. His thumb had just touched the button when Sieda materialized in front of him, rage in her eyes as tears streamed down her cheeks. He had never seen her golden eyes like this. He hesitated for a moment too long as she screamed.

The sound dissolved the wall behind Khasi and threw him onto his back, the remote destroyed. Sieda was on top of him in an instant, pummeling him into the ground. Each slam was harder than the one before as they slowly sank through the pavement. He did the best he could to protect his face, but she was feral and unstoppable at that moment. She beat him until he couldn’t lift his arms any longer, and continued until she couldn’t raise her own.

“You monster,” she whispered as she fell off of him. “How could you do that to those innocent people? They didn’t do anything to you. If you wanted my attention, you should have said something.”

“I did,” Khasi replied, blood streaming from his nose as his face throbbed. “I said so many things, and you didn’t hear me. Your life has been protecting the mortals despite everything else going on around you. I needed you, and you were never there.”

“I’ll destroy you for this,” she said, pushing herself to her hands and knees.

“I invite it,” Khasi coughed. “I want you to end this torment. I want it all to end. I’m done.”

Khasi opened his vest to reveal another of the devices that had destroyed the building. He looked into Sieda’s golden eyes one more time before he closed his and pressed the button. A violent level of movement proceeded to slide him another hundred feet along the ground. He opened his eyes, confused. He had designed it to destroy himself.

Khasi looked down at his bare chest, confused. His eyes were drawn to the sky as a tiny dot fell. It was Sieda.

“What the-” he said as he scrambled to his feet, clawing his way across the rubble. His body screamed at him with every movement, but he had to get there. He took a breath and blinked to her. They fell together as he wrapped his arms around her limp form and absorbed the impact of the landing.

Khasi felt his stomach twist as he looked at her. She wasn’t breathing.

“What did you-No! No! You weren’t supposed to-how can I-” he looked around, frantically searching for anything that would help him. There was nothing left. No devices. No medicine. There was nothing that he could do to help her. His vision blurred from the tears brimming in his eyes.
“You can’t leave,” he said, rocking on his knees, pulling her into his chest. “You were supposed to let me die. You were supposed to stop me or kill me. You weren’t supposed to die. You were never supposed to sacrifice yourself for a creature as pathetic as me. Don’t leave them! Don’t leave me here alone!”

Khasi pressed his ear against her chest, praying to anything that might hear him that there would be a single beat. Any noise that would mean she was alive. He thought about the plans and the research. The years he had spent planning his death. His mind searched for any flaw in his math that would spare her life. Anything that he might be able to reverse engineer to bring her back.

Images of her centuries ago, smiling warmly at him from the arch of their home, flooded his mind. He could see the sun wreathing her as he smelled the ocean a few hundred feet away. Tears came as he cried out to the heavens. The shockwave obliterated the rubble around him. He pulled her in once more close to himself, unable to release her as he began to hear the screams of the people discovering what he had done.

“Wake up,” Khasi whispered into her ear. “Please, wake up. I-I can’t do this without you.”

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