150/366 – The Tickets

Caitlyn raced through the house, skidding to a halt in the living room. She approached the couch and began throwing pillows and cushions to the floor as she ran her hands through the spaces in the sides and along the back.

“Where is it? Where the hell is it?” she muttered as she moved on to the love seat.

She tore apart the love seat to the same effect and slid the piece of furniture roughly into the coffee table.

“What the hell do you think you’re doing?” Logan asked as he walked into the room.

“Not now, Dad. I have to find my wallet. Becky is picking me up for a concert in ten minutes, and my ticket is in there,” Caitlyn replied as she shoved the couch out.

“You’re wrecking the house!” Logan said, “You need to stop and think about what you’re doing, young lady. You’re not going anywhere until everything is back where you found it.”

“Dad, it’s the Screaming Dollies, my favorite band, remember,” Caitlyn said. “I promise I’ll clean the whole house tomorrow if you help me find my wallet.”

Logan paused and took a deep breath, thinking for a moment of scolding her more, but she had told him about the concert in near-deafening screams two months prior.

“Did you look in your nightstand?” he asked, stepping into the room.

“I looked in my nightstand, on my dresser, and even in my purse,” Caitlyn replied as she laid on the floor to look under the coffee table. “I checked the laundry basket, and it was empty. Did Mom do the laundry today?”

“I think she did,” Logan said.

“Oh, no,” Caitlyn cried as she ran out of the room, through the kitchen, and into the laundry room.

Caitlyn opened the dryer and began pulling the clothes out, tossing them into the basket sitting on top of it. Her father came to the doorway as she pulled a pair of jeans from inside, and the little knit wallet fell onto the floor.

“Oh, god!” Caitlyn screamed as she dropped the pants and scooped the wallet from the floor. “Oh, god. Oh, god. Oh, god!”

Caitlyn unzipped the wallet and opened it to find a semi-moist wad of paper inside. She fell to her knees, barely holding onto the wallet in her hand.

“Oh, baby girl,” Logan said, walking into the room. “Is that the ticket?”

Caitlyn, feeling her world breaking into a thousand pieces, couldn’t respond. She simply nodded in reply.

“Did you get it emailed to yourself when you bought them?” Logan asked.

“I don’t know,” Caitlyn said, wiping tears from her face.

“Do you have your phone on you?” Logan asked.

Caitlyn shook her head.

“Let’s go get your phone before Becky gets here, and we can check it for a confirmation email. Maybe the confirmation is all you need to get in?” Logan said, holding out a hand for her.

Caitlyn took his hand and lifted herself from the floor. Snot dripped from her nose padding softly on the floor as they walked out and around the house to the stairs. She followed her father up the stairs feeling a small bubble of hope floating in her chest. She passed Logan and stepped into her room, picking up her phone from the nightstand.

“Well?” Logan asked after a few minutes of Caitlyn sniffing and scrolling through her phone.

“I don’t understand what this means,” Caitlyn said, holding her phone out.

Logan took it from her and read through the email. “It says here that you should only need to print out the email. The physical tickets actually cost you more money than you needed to spend.”

“Does it really?!” Caitlyn screeched, snatching the phone from his hand.

“That’s what I read,” Logan said. “Send it to the printer downstairs, and help me put together the living room before your mother-”

“What the hell happened!” Eliza screamed from downstairs.

“Gets home,” Logan finished, shaking his head.

“Opps,” Caitlyn said. “I’ll help pick up. I should have time.”

“I’m sure your mother would appreciate it,” Logan said, winking at her.

Logan and Caitlyn walked downstairs to find Eliza swearing under her breath and throwing the pillows back on the furniture. The heavy coat she was wearing swung wildly about as she twisted around as though she were possessed. The couch had already been slid back into the wall under the front windows as they were spotted.

“Who did this, Logan? Be honest, was it you or Caitlyn,” Eliza growled.

“It was me, Mom,” Caitlyn replied, stepping forward. “Dad and I were just coming to fix it all before you came home.”

“Well, I’m home, and it’s not fixed,” Eliza said, looking up and down Caitlyn. “Why are you dressed like that?”

Caitlyn looked down at her shorts and her spaghetti-string top. “Like what?”

“You never dress like that, put some more clothes on-”

“She’s going to the concert tonight with Becky,” Logan said, stepping forward with his hands up.

“Like hell, she is!” Eliza snarled, “Look at what she did to the house!”

“Honey, she lost her tickets and was searching for them,” Logan replied. “It’s fine. I’ll get it cleaned up, and Caitlyn will do extra chores over the next week to make up for it, won’t you?”

“Yeah, totally,” Caitlyn agreed, nodding furiously. “I’ll do all the laundry, and I’ll vacuum.”

“For the next week?” Eliza asked, raising one eyebrow. “There won’t be something else that comes up to get you to ignore your responsibilities around here?”

“No, I promise,” Caitlyn said. “The next week. I’ll tell Becky and Claire and Helen that I can’t hang out with them until it’s done.”

“Every day?”

“Everyday,” Caitlyn said as Becky’s horn blared outside.

Caitlyn felt the urge to move for the front door, but she knew that if she did, her mom would instantly stop her from going. She waited as the horn blasted three more times in quick succession.

“Is that Becky?” Eliza asked.

“Yeah,” Caitlyn replied. “She’s driving me there.”

“Is she staying with you the whole time?” Eliza said.

“Yeah, Mom. I promise. Straight there, straight back. No detours, no drugs, no sex, no boys,” Caitlyn said.

“Alright, but you better not break your promise,” Eliza said.

“I love you, Mom! I love you, Dad!” Caitlyn squealed as she ran out the door.

“Her tickets!” Logan said, running for the printer and then out the door as Eliza shook her head.


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