216/366 – Unmedicated

Day 74 of 100 Word Prompts: Disaster

“No, no, no, no, no,” Julius said, pulling the laptop from the spilled coffee on the desk. “Not today, not today.”

Julius quickly turned the machine over, ensuring to keep the exposed ports pointed down as he pulled the battery from the machine. He walked to the hotel bathroom, ripped a towel off the shelf, and proceeded to wipe the computer dry.

“Fuck,” he muttered as he looked up and saw the bags under his eyes from the last in a long line of sleepless nights.

He closed his eyes slowly and shook his head, setting the laptop and the battery on the counter. He leaned against the wall, feeling another wave of dizziness wash over him, and let himself slide to the floor next to the toilet.

“You’re in great shape,” a familiar voice said, making Julius open his eyes. Linsey stood in the doorway, her red dress askew and her left leg protruding from the slit that went entirely too high up her thigh. “What the hell have you been doing the last few days?”

“Go away, Lindsey,” Julius said, dropping his head into his hands. “I haven’t been sleeping well, and you’re definitely not going to help that fact.”

“Oh, shit!” Lindsey said, covering her smile as she noticed the computer on the counter still dripping coffee. “What did you do that for?”

“I already told you. I haven’t been sleeping well. I have to get my report in today, or bad things will happen, and of course, today’s the fucking day I spill coffee on the machine,” Julius said, turning abruptly, punching the wall behind him.

“Easy there, Partner,” Lindsey said, squatting down to look at him eye to eye. “We got this. You and I both know that the computer is fine, none of the liquid managed to make it in the ports, undoubtedly because of your quick hands, and because of that, you just need to wipe off the liquid and fire that bad boy up.”

“You need to go away, Lindsey. Seriously. I can’t talk to you today. Not today, any other time, but not today,” Julius said, pushing himself to his feet. His right hand throbbed terribly, and his knuckles were already swelling. “Please, go away.”

“I’m not the one who forgot their meds, Julius,” Lindsey replied, throwing her arms up in the air. “It’s not like I get to choose when you can hear me and see me anymore. You took all the fun out of it a long time ago. Now I go about my business on my end of things, and I find myself in the middle of a rather lovely moment with some powerful beings and SLAM! I’m back here.”

“I didn’t call for you,” Julius said as he began wiping down his computer.

“You don’t have to, remember? We’re linked when you’re not on your meds. I couldn’t get away from you if I wanted to right now, which I do,” Lindsey said, pulling the door to the shower open and turning the handle. “But since I’m here, I need a shower.”

Julius shook his head and ignored her as she slid off her dress and climbed in the shower. No more than a moment passed before she began complaining again.

“Why do you always carry around the gross ‘man’ soaps?” Lindsey said as the smell of the shampoo filled the room. “You know, ladies love the smell of flowers more than this musky shit.”

“It’s not about what they like,” Julius replied, double-checking his progress on drying the machine in his hands.

“Oh, that’s right. It’s about what the boys like,” Lindsey teased.

“You know it’s not that either,” Julius said, sliding the battery back into the computer and stepping out of the room. “It’s about what I like, no one else. Just me. That’s why I’m alone all the time. It’s just me.”

“Not anymore,” Lindsey replied as the water shut off in the bathroom. “Now, it’s us until your meds kick in again.”

Lindsey appeared at the bathroom door with a towel wrapped around her waist.

“What are you doing, Lindsey? You and I both know there is nothing there for us,” Julius said, shaking his head as he opened the laptop and pressed the power button.

“I was just trying to clean up your mess,” Lindsey said, pulling the towel off, wiping up the spilled coffee on the desk. “Are you sure this doesn’t do anything for you? Would you prefer a uniform?”

“Lindsey, stop. Remember the last time we tried something like that? It didn’t end well for either of us,” Julius said.

“You were seventeen,” Lindsey said with a shrug, “You still lived at home. It’s not my fault that your mom walked in.”

“She didn’t see you if you remember correctly,” Julius replied, punching in his password. “It was just me, doing some very awkward things to nothing in her eyes. You know she never looked at me the same after that.”

“Fine,” Lindsey said, snapping her fingers. Her red dress reappeared on her, much tighter as though it had been freshly laundered in the few minutes she had not had it on. “So what the hell are we going to do now? You know it’ll take two days for your meds to kick in.”

“I know, but I don’t have time for you right now, Lindsey. I have work to get done,” Julius said, launching the FTP site he needed. “Please, just let me do my work.”

“What are you doing these days anyway? Last I heard you were unemployed trying to do some programming in your mom’s basement,” Lindsey said, plopping on the couch next to him.

“I’m a security specialist,” Julius said, “It’s a tough job, but someone has to do it.”

“A security specialist? Like a guard or something?” Lindsey asked.

“More like I hack companies servers from just outside their building, and present them with a list of weaknesses in their network along with suggestions on how to close those holes,” Julius said, dragging the file from his desktop to the site.

“Was this a big job?” Lindsey asked, pretending to care.

“Sort of. Thirty-four locations at the same time-”

“I can’t remember the last time I saw that many-”

“Lindsey, focus. We’re discussing my work right now,” Julius said, shaking his head as he leaned back in his chair.

“You know, Boogie misses you,” Lindsey said, changing the subject.

“Boogie can miss me all they want,” Julius said. “The last time they saw me, it was a disaster.”

“Oh, come on, admit it. You miss Boogie too,” Lindsey said, pushing Julius’ leg.

“I really don’t,” Julius said. “Honestly, I was beginning to enjoy the solitude.”

“Then why did you stop taking your pills?” Lindsey asked a coy smile on her face.

“Because I can’t afford them at the moment,” Julius said. “I need to finish this job, and then, when they pay me, I can get them. It’s not like their cheap at nearly a thousand dollars a pill to keep you away from me.”

“I still think that doctor is ripping you off,” Lindsey said. “There has to be something cheaper that would work.”

“There is, but I also don’t want to be in a coma,” Julius said. “So, in the meantime, we’re stuck together for the next couple days.”

“Wonderful,” Lindsey said, her lips becoming a thin line across her face.

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