233/366 – Prank

Day 91 of 100 Word Prompts: Luck

“Something tells me this isn’t going to end well,” Paula said, shaking her head.

“What makes you say that?” Sam asked, giving the rope in her hand another good tug to ensure that it had reached its limit.

“I don’t know, Sam. You put a five-gallon bucket filled with pickle juice at the end of a rope, then used the pulley on the school’s flag pole to lift it high enough that no one will see it in the dark. Remind me what your plan is again?” Paula said.

“Well, Jim usually walks this way through the campus, when he comes past the flag pole, I’ll release the rope, and it’ll drop to the ground, exploding everywhere,” Sam replied.

“And what happens if you hit him with it, or some shard of plastic hurts him?” Paula asked.

“That won’t happen,” Sam said with a shrug as the rope slipped from her hands. “Shit!”

Paula heard the bucket slam into the pavement on the other side of the sidewalk, followed by the cacophonous boom of the bucket exploding. Even where they were hiding, pickle juice splashed over the mound and hit Sam in the face.

“Oh, god! It burns!” she screamed as she sprang to her feet, waving towards her face. “It’s in my eyes!”

“Are you fucking kidding me!?” a familiar voice said from the other side of the flag pole.

“Shit,” Paula muttered as Jim rounded the corner. She felt her face flush at the sight of the angry frat boy marching toward them.

“What the fuck are you two doing over here,” he asked, still wiping the vinegar solution off his face. “Why would do you do something like this?”

“Can’t you see we’re dealing with something right now?” Sam said between her bouncing and waving. “I got some of it in my eyes.”

“That’s the least of your worries,” Jim said. “I’m telling the dean about this first thing in the-”

“Are you going to tell him about you and Emily?” Sam shot back, using her shirt to wipe the remaining juice from her eyes.


“Don’t even try to pretend otherwise,” Sam said, crossing her arms. “Why else would you think we’re out here? She’s our sister, you piece of shit. You think we wouldn’t know about you two?”

“So, why the bucket then?” Jim asked, pointing behind him.

“Because you tried to hook up with Grace,” Paula said.

“I never-”

“You did, and we know because we were at Bob’s Pizza when you tried,” Paula interrupted.

“So, what? You’re going to make life miserable for me now?” Jim asked.

“No, I think we’re almost even,” Sam replied.

“Almost?” Jim asked, taking a step away from the pair. “What else do you have planned?”

“You’ll find out,” Sam replied with a wicked smile.

“I don’t like the sound of that,” Jim said, looking around as though he expected something to jump out at him at any moment.

“You shouldn’t. Maybe I’ll let you sit on this for a little while, so you know how it feels to look forward to something,” Sam said.

“Whatever,” Jim said, waving her off. “I’m going back to the dorms. Do something there if you’re gonna.”

“Oh, don’t worry about that. It’s already waiting for you,” Sam said as she grabbed Paula’s arm and walked back toward the sorority house.

“What?” Jim called after them. Paula could hear the pitch of his voice increase, and a smile spread across her face.

“What else did you have planned?” Paula asked when they got far enough away that she knew Jim wouldn’t overhear them.

“Nothing,” Sam said with a smile and a shrug as she rubbed her eyes again. “Shit, they still burn a little.”

“Wait, you told him that something was already in the works, and you didn’t plan anything?” Paula asked.

“I want him to feel the constant fear that all assholes should feel,” Sam replied.

“You’re truly evil,” Paula said with a giggle.

“Eh, only when it comes to protecting my sisters,” Sam replied with a shrug.

“I do have one question, though,” Paula said, “How did you know Jim was on the other side of the mound? We couldn’t see over. Did you see him coming or something?”

“No,” Sam said with a giggle. “It was complete luck. We only had one chance to get it right, and it worked even though it slipped.”

“That’s crazy,” Paula said, shaking her head as they rounded the corner, and the sorority house came into view.

“I think fate wanted him to get hit,” Sam said. “I can’t wait to see Emily’s face when I tell her what we did.”

“I don’t think we should tell her,” Paula said. “She’s not one for vengeance. I think it’ll just upset her.”

“But she needs to know about it,” Sam shot back. “She’s going to find out one way or another. There’s no way that no one hears about what happens.”

“Wait,” Paula said, grabbing Sam’s arm. “Jim, sure as shit, isn’t going to tell anyone what we did, especially after the threat of telling the dean about him and Emily. The only people that could spread it across the campus are us.”

“And?” Sam asked.

“So, you said that something was already in the works, right? What if he thinks that it’s just like a picture or video of what happened?” Paula asked.

“I don’t know that I’m following,” Sam said. “I think the pickle juice is getting into my brain.”

“If he thinks that you’re just planning to humiliate him, then it doesn’t happen, he’ll start to think of worse things that come,” Paula said. “It’s as though you set up the perfect plan here. The prank laid the groundwork for him to assume it’s something as simple as that, then it doesn’t happen.”

It took Sam a moment, but again she smiled a wicked smile.

“See,” Paula said.

“Wait,” Sam said, the smile vanishing, “What if he just thinks that we didn’t know how to upload it, or didn’t capture it or something?”

“We’ll send him a reminder in like a week or something,” Paula said. “We can do it all psycho killer style with cut out magazine letters or something.”

“I’ve gotta stop you there,” Sam said. “You’re getting a little cliche on me.”

“Alright, we won’t do that, but we’ll figure something out between now and then. Just promise me that you won’t tell Emily about tonight,” Paula pleaded.

“Alright, I guess I don’t have to tell everyone about it,” Sam said, nodding.


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